About Us

Ashley Chidinma. 6 years of age. Aspiring master of the universe. Says about herself: "I don't need to dress up like a princess. I'm already a queen." and she's quite right.

Grace Chidera. Growing a fro for almost 5 years now. Commander in chief of her siblings. Seems to be too relaxed to bother, but will hit you with epic comebacks if you don't pay attention.

Romeo Chiedozie. Almost 4. Has a thing for blondes, Lightning McQueen and the Hulk. Likes to eat. A lot. Will talk your ear off if you let him and then try to eat it.

Julie. Mother and Wife. Likes to give speeches. Long, long speeches. Loves to be behind a camera, but not infront of it. Grace's afro gives her hairenvy.

A personal space where I share what I love, like and admire as well as bits and pieces of our life. And with all the jokes aside, this is MY space. Negativity will not be tolerated.